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We are very happy to announce that we have been award a grant from the Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund to help our learning club participants.

Within a short time of the Covid-19 pandemic closing all face-to-face activities, we were providing learning clubs over Zoom. However, many individual families or service users did not have access laptops, tablets or smartphones to be able to access email or Zoom and individual service users/students did not have the skills or support to use computer equipment to interact with the classes.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we worked to overcome these challenges and reconnect with as many of our core members as we could and have been delivering two online learning clubs each week using Zoom.

The grant from the Track 2000 Grant Legacy Fund will help us provide:

  • equipment for our learners to access technology while we continue our Zoom classes;
  • PPE , sanitizing agents and extra precautions as they tentatively engage with services in the emerging “new normal”,
  • individual packages of equipment (pens, books, counters etc) that can be easily sanitized and safely stored, when we are able to restart our in-person learning clubs.